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Sabrina: Bio

Currently, The Damsels are not playing together. However, Sabrina plays with Timmy P or another drummer. She also plays in Girl Band. Rachel plays solo or duo.


The Damsels Rachel Hall - Lead Vocals & Electric Guitar Timmy P - Drums & Bongos Sabrina - Lead vocals, 12 String Acoustic & Bass "New bands are born everyday in the world of rock music, and some births are more serendipitous than others. Such is the case with The Damsels" - Rahne Alexander, Baltimore Gay Life. The Damsels have been described as indie/folk rock/roots music, but don't let that fool you. The Damsels are one of those rare acts that comes along and defies tradition by refusing to be categorized and pigeon held. The Baltimore based trio, consisting of Sabrina (lead vocals, 12 string acoustic guitar, bass), Rachel Hall (lead vocals, lead guitar) and Timmy P (drums, percussion) are known for their passionate vocals, irresistable melodies and driving backbeat. The band has been playing an eclectic mix of covers and originals for the past three years. Since forming the band in 2003, they have shared the stage and performed with national recording artists, Melissa Ferrick, Sonia (Disappear Fear), LP, The Beltways and Ed Neenan (360 Loose). The formation of the band has brought together influnces from Melissa Etheridge to Susan Tedeschi, Janis Joplin, Indigo Girls, The Pretenders, Sheryl Crow, Tracy Chapman and Bonnie Raitt to classic 70's rock. This influence along with the band's own eclectic sound is the basis of their first full-length release, "Ashes". With their debut release, the band is focusing their attention on the future. "We've been playing bars in Baltimore for a long time, and I'd like to expand into the Philly and DC markets," says singer/guitarist Sabrina. "We really want to promote the CD and stay focused on making great music." The Damsels CD, "Ashes" is available through their website, or at Here's what fellow musicians are saying: "Damsels music is super fun..." - Gretchen Witt, New York "Groove and schmoove..." -The Stalking Horses, Baltimore "The Damsels have got some pipes!" - The Renders, Los Angeles "Very cool sound..."- Kay Pere, Connecticut "The Damsels have some powerful vocals..." - Laura Marie, San Antonio "Good roots, down and dirty blues feel" - Woody Lissauer, Baltimore "I loved the rhythm, the vocals just rocked me." - Sabrina Kufner, Canada "cool vocals...groovy tunes....digging the guitar playing." - Ravyn, Philadelphia "the band sounds great!!!" - Steph Hayes of Stargazer Lily, Philadelphia